City Wilderness Trail (2012)

Take an unforgettable journey deep into the wild heart of Sydney. Join our expert wildlife guides and discover rats, bugs, birds, and bankers in their fascinating city habitats.

The City Wilderness Trail is a distributed public art project commissioned by the City of Sydney, that acknowledges the city as host to an incredible diversity of non-human populations. Our wildlife researchers created an urban trail that draws attention to fifteen different bird, mammal, and insect species that live in the CBD. Signs are hidden throughout the laneways and spaces along George Street.

Our urban environments are more than just human worlds yet we often approach our urban cohabitants with disgust. This project celebrates urban biodiversity as something of value, to be welcomed and designed for. Instead of approaching nature as something that is 'out there', the City Wilderness Trail presents the natural world as a dynamic, evolving, and complex system of which our cities and societies are an important part.


Commissioned by the City of Sydney for the 2012 Laneways Public Art Program.

Concept: Tega Brain, Diego Bonetto and Mark Gerada.
Illustration:  Mark Gerada.