What the Frog's Nose Tells the Frog's Brain (2012)

Custom fragrance, perfume bottle, stepper motor, linear actuator, electronics.

How does data become information? How does perception influence how we understand the world and therefore respond to it?

This work measures electricity use within a public building and translates this information into an olfactory experience. Smell is a sensation from which it is difficult to be intellectually distanced; by manifesting electricity information in this non-visual medium, this project explores the mechanics of perception. How data can be experienced? This work questions current approaches to interface design and the creation of 'seamless' user experiences.


Coverage in Realtime Arts, If a system fails in a forest, is anybody listening? June 2013.


ISEA2013, If A System Fails in a Forest, June 2013
Safari 2012, June 2012.